Welcome to Red House Youth Trust

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Red House Youth Trust (Registered Charity No. 1092828) is a charitable Trust which supports work with young people under the age of 21 within the County of Norfolk.

This support is provided in two main ways:-

  • Financial support via grants for projects, events etc.
  • Opportunities for residential experiences at the property owned and run by the Trust

The Trust was originally two separate trusts, the Red House School Trust - the history of which can be found on this website - and the Norfolk Youth Trust (originally called Norfolk Children's Projects) which was set up by those interested in the welfare of young people in 1981, with the object to "promote education and training in the field of intermediate treatment of children and young people in the County of Norfolk".

In 2002, the two Trusts, having very similar objectives, worked together with HM Charity Commission to merge and became the Red House Youth Trust, thus combining the two main benefits and bringing together the expertise and knowledge of both sets of Trustees.

The Red House Youth Trust charitable objectives are to support the advancement of education and training in the following order of priority:

  • Beneficiaries in need of care and protection;
  • Providers of care and protection for beneficiaries; and
  • Beneficiaries.

The trustees may assist beneficiaries by:

  • Providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them; or
  • Making grants of money to other persons or bodies which provide goods, services or facilities to beneficiaries.

The current Trustees are representative of a wide range of experience within the field of work with young people in the County and who are committed to supporting this work through the Trust.