Terms of Hire

General Terms

It is recommended that you download and print a copy of these terms:

Terms of Hire
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  • All drivers of vehicles using the sites shall park so that they do not restrict access to the premises nor obstruct the highway.
  • No part of the site designated for the use of a particular hirer shall be used by another hirer except with the permission of the Red House Youth Trust.
  • No activity shall take place after 10 p.m. (except with the written permission of Red House Youth Trust) which would cause any disturbance, annoyance or distress to the neighbouring community.
  • No dogs are allowed on the sites
  • No firearms, crossbows or other dangerous weapons are to be used on the sites
  • The sites and buildings shall be left secure at all times. It is recommended, because of the isolated situation of our sites, that possessions and equipment are not left unattended.
  • All damage, breakages or discrepancy resulting from the hirer’s use of the sites, to be reported to the local Warden or Red House Youth Trust (Tel: 01493 731976) as soon as possible. Any major damage, including broken windows (which need to be repaired quickly for security reasons) will be charged for at replacement cost plus administration fee.


  • No liability shall be entertained by the Red House Youth Trust or its Trustees for the loss or damage of any property belonging to, or being used by, users of the sites/facilities.
  • Red House Youth Trust shall not be liable for any injury (including injury resulting in death) or damage to or loss of property, which shall or may occur to, or be sustained by, the user, his assistants, servant or agents, or others entering the property in the exercise or purported exercise of the arrange usage (except such injury or damage as may occur by reason of the neglect of the Red House Youth Trust, or its servants or agents acting within the scope of their authority).
  • The user will indemnify and keep indemnified the Red House Youth Trust, its servants and agents, from and against, all claims and liabilities in respect of such injury or damage and all actions, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in regard thereto and also from and against all other liability, claims, demands, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in respect of injury to persons (including injury resulting in death) and damage to or loss of property whatsoever, which may arise and of, or in consequence of, the exercise or purported exercise of the hiring.
  • The representatives of the Red House Youth Trust, shall have the right of entry to the sites at all times, notwithstanding any arrangements concluded as a result of this application.

Please note ...

  • All rubbish MUST be placed in the appropriate bin or area as instructed by the Warden.
  • A charge WILL be levied for any extra cleaning or maintenance required or any extra rubbish removal following your stay.


  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on the 25.5.2018. Red House Youth Trust Trust holds some personal details of Group Leaders booking the Dunton Centre, Shereford, Norfolk. This information - name, address, telephone number and e mail address is held by the Trust Administrator and shared with the Warden of the Dunton Centre for operational purposes. Your information would never be passed on to any other party and would be held for a total period of 24 months following which the booking form would be destroyed. By signing this booking form you agree to us holding this information for the specified period.


  • A provisional booking will only be confirmed following the receipt of a completed booking form and deposit.
  • Permission to use either the Log Cabin or Dunton will be given following payment of the balance of the hire fee which should be received at least 2 weeks prior to the hire date.
  • Failure to comply with this will mean that a group arriving at either the Log Cabin or Dunton Centre could find the premises already being used by another group.

Provisional Bookings

  • Provisional bookings, whether received by telephone, email or post, will be held for three weeks unless prior arrangements have been made to retain the provisional booking for longer.


  • All groups wishing to use the facilities must have named leaders as per the booking form.
  • Permission to use the facilities will only be given to adult leaders who will maintain reasonable standards with groups in their charge. It is recommended that there should be an adult helper to every eight young people in the group.

First Aid & Fire Safety

  • There are NO First Aid facilities provided on either site. Staff should ensure that adequate First Aid equipment is available and have a competent First Aider on site.
  • You are strongly advised to unlock the security locks on the windows when in residence in case of emergency. Notices to this effect are displayed at both sites.
  • Please ensure that these are relocked before you leave at the end of your stay.
  • All users must familiarise themselves with the fire safety notices regarding fire exits assembly points etc. which are placed around the building.
  • Fire doors are meant to restrict the path of a fire should one occur - DO NOT WEDGE FIRE DOORS OPEN.
  • There is NO telephone in either the Log Cabin or Dunton Centre, therefore any emergency would have to be notified via a mobile phone. There is a public telephone in the village of Mundesley which is approximately a mile and a half from the Log Cabin, however there is NO public telephone in the village of Shereford.
  • All users are advised to undertake a Fire Drill exercise during their stay in line with good practise under Health & Safety guidelines. These Fire Drills to be recorded in the book provided at the Centre. The Warden will advise hirers regarding this exercise.


  • Where a site has a specific camp fire area, no other part of the site must be used for this purpose. Otherwise grass should be removed for an area of at least one metre (turfed). This turf must be saved and watered and should be replaced and watered before departure and the ground left in good order.
  • The cost of making good ground following campfires will be levied if the ground is not left in good order. A lighted fire should never be left unguarded.
  • FIREWOOD IS NOT PROVIDED. Under NO circumstances should trees, bushes, hedges etc. be damaged in anyway.


  • There is a bar-b-que available for use at both sites. Hirers are reminded that the grids from the ovens inside the buildings ARE NOT TO BE USED ON the Bar-b-que, appropriate grids are available specifically for the bar-b-que.


  • Groups are expected to contact the Warden prior to their arrival to confirm arrival times and to make arrangements regarding access to the sites. Failure to do this may result in access not being available when you do arrive.
  • Groups leaving the site after a week long booking must vacate the site by 10 am and new groups are requested not to arrive until 3 p.m. This arrangement particularly applies during the summer months when the sites are in continuous use and need to be checked and prepared between bookings. At other times of the year groups using the sites for weekends will not usually be required to leave until the late afternoon, however we request consideration for the Wardens if a new group is due to arrive on the Monday following a weekend booking.
  • On leaving the site, the group leader should make certain that it is left in a clean, tidy and secure state.
  • On departure, all keys should be returned to the Warden.


  • Hirers are recommended to take out adequate insurance cover regarding loss of or damage to equipment and effects and injury to leaders, members etc., of the hirer’s organisation.
  • Hirers are also recommended to take out adequate insurance cover for canoeing or other adventurous activities.